品牌:Yamato Scientific 大和科儀
  • 熱風溫度、風量、黏合劑液流量等條件可透過噴霧乾燥裝置正面的設定旋鈕輕鬆設定
  • 腔室採用超硬玻璃製成,使用者可以觀察流化床狀態或噴霧狀態
  • 流量計、噴霧壓力計和室入口/出口溫度指示器可用於數據評估
  • 透過安裝迷你噴霧附件 GF300(可選),裝置還可用於噴霧乾燥
  • 標準配備自動升降裝置,方便安裝或拆卸玻璃室附件
Yamato Scientific 大和科儀


Yamato GB210-B 噴霧乾燥造粒機採用了出色的流化床乾燥技術,適用於複雜的粉末製粒和濕粉末的乾燥。我們的 GB210-B 多功能造粒噴霧乾燥機是基本單元 GB210 和 GF200 粉劑迷你床配件的組合。此外,透過安裝迷你噴霧附件 GF300,此多功能造粒裝置也可用於噴霧乾燥。


Temp. adjusting unit setting range40 to 220°C (inlet temperature), 0 to 98°C (outlet temperature)
Temperature adjusting accuracyInlet temperature ±1°C
Spraying systemTwo-way nozzle, Nozzle No. 1A as standard
Drying air amount adjusting range0 to 0.7 m³/min
Spray air pressure adjusting range0 to 0.3 MPa
Liquid sending pump flow rate range0 to 26 mL/min
External outputInlet temperature, outlet temperature, temperature outlet (4-20 mA)
Automatic liftMoving up/down of glass chamber automatic lift
Temperature adjusting devicePID digital
Touch panelBlower, heater, liquid sending pump, pulse jet switch, error display
Control select switchInlet temperature, output temperature control switch (outlet temp. control is conditional)
Temperature sensorK thermocouple
Heater2.0 kW (at 200V) to 2.88 kW (at 240V)
Liquid sending pumpFixed amount peristaltic pump
Spraying air pumpSpraying air compressor (sold separately) is used.
Service outletFor stirrer: AC100V, Max. 2A
Suction blowerBypass blower, brushless DC motor
FilterSuction filter, exhaust filter
Spray nozzle cooling mechanismConnector: nipple x 2, O.D.:ø10.5 mm
Spray air connection diameterNipple diameter:ø7 mm
Exhaust connecting diameterø50 mm
Safety functionInlet/outlet temperature overheat, sample feed reverse rotation mechanism, over current electric leakage breaker, nozzle connection error
External dimension WxDxH760 x 420 x 1350 mm
Weight~110 kg
Power supplySingle Phase AC200V~240V 50/60Hz 16~18A Switching of terminals necessary
Included accessoriesSilicon tube (with a stopper) x 3, tiron tube (with a stopper) x 2, exhaust duct (with one hose band) x 1, outlet temperature sensor, spray air tube, sample box, static electricity removal earth, Teflon braided hose 5m (with two hose bands), a container table

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